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Hi Beautiful! :)


Intro: Campaign for A new App for stealing your favorite CELEBRITIES EXACT Style! This really would be every Woman's ideal App At her fingertips, from high-street to high-end.


My background: I am Monika and I work in fashion industry as designer and part time model as well.


Market need/gap: I often get attracted by dresses worn by celebrities on red carpet at movie premiers/fashion events & other celebrity outfits and often want to trace where to buy them. Sometimes I manage to Google my way to the brand's shop where they are selling it and sometimes I fail to find it. Often I wonder, how many other women would be doing the same and may be someone else found the online shop for the dress I am dreaming about.



Hence I came up with this idea of Crowd Sourced Hunt for Celebrity outfits and options to buy them. Its like hotukdeals site concept but only for fashion clothes worn by a celebrity. Every post will need to have a celebrity pic and members would post their suggestions and Google hunt results to buy that dress.  Posts will be voted and members posting correct hunt results will earn points. We will convert those points into gift vouchers from their most loved brands.


Revenue Model: I expect brands to sponsor and advertise their ongoing discount coupons/offers in the app (just like quidco) so that when any member decides to buy an outfit from that brand's shop they can take benefit of that coupon/offer.  App will also make money from affiliate commissions for every buy decision from members.


Market: Fashion clothes globally is a huge Multi billion dollar market which I needn't provide a proof of.


Competition:  There are some similar apps but not quite like the one I described.  I have merged hotukdeals and quidco in one app and focussed on fashion clothes.  I have a copyright on this documented app project. There are more unique features of the app which I can only disclose after an NDA is signed.


Looking for: Funding Support from AppsJunction Community in developing the App. I can offer loyalty points in App in return which you can one day hopefully convert into gift vouchers from us when the app is published and brands start supporting us.  I will also mention your name in the Credits: section of the App to give you due credit to make this App go live.

Many thanks for looking into it. If you are as excited as I am by this App idea then I do hope that you will click the donate button any minute now. :)




Promoter Monika Khanna
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United Kingdom
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