Powerful App promotion Strategies that actually work

Powerful App promotion Strategies that actually work


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So you have created an awesome new app, but wondering how to promote it and reach out to your potential customers? You might want to try to explore the effectiveness of social media platforms for app promotion.

Social media has become a dynamic platform for online advertising. Most social media sites give you the benefit of targeting a niche audience. But, this isn’t the only benefit. Social media has a lot more untapped potential as a marketing tool.


App stores are flooded with only one product – APPS. In contrast, social media advertising is used for promoting all types of products. This environment makes your app stand out as all products are unique, and you are not competing in the same product category.


Twitter has recently released its Mobile App Promotion product suite, which turns out to be of great help for app promotion. It is an additional marketing tool for app publishers to get their apps to the Twitter audience. You have to pay for displaying your app-installation ad as a normal tweet.

Since Twitter has a larger mobile audience and it has made a mark in mobile advertising, it proves to be an effective platform for app publishers to promote their apps.


Facebook and Google also offer mobile app promotions, just like Twitter. On Facebook, you can buy a space for displaying your app installation ad in the news feed of mobile users. Google, on the other hand, displays the app install ads on YouTube and mobile search. Plus, you can use the data collected by Google – app preference of users, search history, etc. – to target a specific audience.


You have a wide range of option for social media advertising: Facebook, Google and Twitter’s advertising options look viable for the present as well as the future.

Social media is always expanding, and you should consider investing in its marketing potential to make sure your app can keep pace in the market.

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