Guide: How to find a good iPhone or Android or WinPhone App Developer

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Often people are confused about how & where to find a good Mobile App/Game Developer. Here is some help. We have Prepared this impartial and quite useful guide for people with an App Idea who want to learn what to do about it and where to find a good mobile App/Game Developer.

1. Hiring an App Developer - What you need to know beforehand

  1. Decide which OS platform first, iPhone, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry according to your target audience market.
  2. Decide - Single iOS/Android developer or company with multi OS skillset?  If you go with a small company, your 2nd OS App could be developer very fast & cheaper. 
  3. Decide who’ll provide the actual design graphics used in app – You, Your designer (from or or or App developer/Agency? 
  4. An App ideally needs 3 different programmers – DB Admin, Web Services (PHP), iPhone/Android. Decide on dealing directly with DB, Web Services, in-device programmers (iOS/Android) or One App Development Project Co-ordinator. Do you have any previous experience with Geeks? if not, we recommend dealing with a Project Coordinator who further can translate your requirements to developers/coders.
  5. if you start with a developer first time, there can be mis-communications or mis-understandings at first. Give it some time for things to settle down and you will see that you both have finally understood how to work with each other. Always give due importance to cultural differences if your developer is offshore. Coming to think about it there are huge working culture differences between Europe itself, or between north and south America, it just takes some time initially to get adjusted to each other's wavelength.

2. how and where to find good App Developers

  1. To save time and money, Google about app developers with good portfolios in your local city. But if you have made your documents well, then even a remote developer can do a good job. In Internet connected world, with skype/google hangout and various free screen sharing tools its not difficult to work with remote developers.  All big companies do that.  You can use free screen sharing tools like skype,, teamviewer to see the progress of App in Simulator at developer's end. You can click on various parts of App and see it in action.
  2. You can find rated and reviewed freelance local developers at . Note: Offshore devs are just as good as devs local to you but might be less costly and more willing & hard working. 
  3. Check Apps you like on Appstores -  Contact their App Developers
  4. Attend Events like Appsjunction meetup in London. Meet developers face to face.
  5. Go to iOS, Android, Win Phone Online forums, ask members for recommendations.

3. What to Look for in An App Developer 

  1. Experience & Portfolio - ask for their past work samples, urls, links to see if their work matches your taste
  2. Recommendations, References - ask for their testimonials or rating and reviews on freelancers sites like elance,
  3. Cost, Speed, Communication - During the screening stage itself, check how fast & well worded is their communication and compare their quotes with other
  4. Sign NDA, Share Specs, Get Advice & Quote - Share your specs with them and find out their Quotes or if they have any recommendations for your app
  5. Discount for Startups/SMEs - Check if they offer any discount for Startups.  e.g. offers discounts to entrepreneurs who attend Appsjunction meetup.
  6. Check for Free Hosting, Free Upload etc benefits? - check if the developer provided free hosting for some time or free upload of app to app store
  7. Depending on your requirements, check for post launch operational support like free bug fixing period, help with funding & social media promotions
  8. which provided this guide, has published a sample of their typical rate list for App Development Work : MVP/Prototypes from £1500*, App UX design from £400, Explainer Videos from £500, App Promotion & PR Packages from £500, Great Quality Business Plan from £300, App Launch websites from £300, 2nd OS App for 60% cost of first OS App, Advice to make & publish an awesome app - FREE. You can check their portfolio at & their web & mobile development proposal here Note:  *Depending on Actual Specs, an MVP can cost from £1500-£10000. 

4. Post selection - the basics

  1. Agree on development milestones for payment to provider.
  2. Maintain regular communication with Devs and test app every week. Provide written feedback. Keep a trail.
  3. Ask for availability of any bug tracking tool where you and developer can track the bugs and provide each other feedback.
  4. Upon completion, ask for support for uploading to app store. 


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