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Don't we all know that without App Promotion an App is like a needle in a haystack. Perhaps even smaller & harder to find in the ocean of millions of app. Often an App Entrepreneur wonders how to make his/her app noticed and bring it in-front of the crowd. Here is some help. We have prepared this impartial and quite useful collection of information to help App Startups who are on shoe-string budget.

Following is the best slideshare guide we have ever seen on #GrowthHacking 

The content/commentary of the slides in text form here:

  1. Top 7 Most Disruptive Mobile Startups
    • Square $16 billion in mobile transactions
    • Snapchat beat Facebook’s Poke
    • August 2013 Uber raised $360 million Valuation $3,5 billion
    • 3 years 24 countries 10M downloads
    • Whatsapp 900M users
    • Instagram 36B Photos Shared
  2. What do they have in common?
  3. They are Growth Hackers They hack the business They create new ways They disrupt the system
  4. Success is not just having a Good Idea
  5. Thousands of startups with Good Ideas fail every year
  6. Some will see traction
  7. And even cool press hits!
  8. But after few months… nothing
  9. They reach the trough of sorrow and they run out of money
  10. Acquire the Growth Hacking Spirit
  11. The 3 P’s of user acquisition by @AntoninCohen > 7 years growing users and sales for startups in Europe and the US
  12. What is Growth Hacking?
  13. Aaron Ginn @Aginnt, Head of Growth, Stumbleupon “A growth hacker lives at the intersection of data, product, and marketing." 
  14. @DanMartell Founder, Clarity "Growth Hacking is the process and mindset of searching for ways that your product to grow."
  15. @RyanHoliday Author of "Growth Hacker Marketing" "A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable." 
  16. @SeanEllis CEO, Qualaroo and "A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth."
  17. Sean Ellis coined the term Growth Hacker in 2010
  18. Sean Ellis was First Growth Marketer   * worth $4 billion today *  
  19. Growth Hacking made Dropbox successful in a busy market without any advertising. Their strategy was based on
    1. Neat & Clean Dropbox Home Page
    2. Referral Program
    3. Social Media
  20. How to Growth Hack Your App?
  21. Let's start by the foundation
  22. Read The Startup Pyramid from Sean Ellis 
  23. Paul Graham @Paulg Founder of Y Combinator “Make stuff that people want.” This highlighted the popular term Product Market Fit
  24. @SeanEllis CEO, Qualaroo and “The achievement of product/market fit can be measured according to a specific metric: e.g. when, in a survey, at least 40% of users say they would be “very disappointed” without your product or service.” 
  25. Strong foundation of Product/Market Fit is the 1st step Don't think about growth without the right balance
  26. Distribute your beta app to a limited audience as soon as possible
    1. 1 Get feedback
    2. 2 Improve the app
    3. 3 Validate Product/Market Fit
    4. 4 Transition to growth!
  27. Get ready for growth
    1. 1 Implement User Analytics
    2. 2 Identify Actionable Goals
    3. 3 Focus message on Must Have-Benefit
    4. 4 Optimize business model & conversions
    5. 6 Get a growth team Designer, copywriter, data analyst and ideally a developer
  28. Growth Hacking It's all about testing and optimizing at every step of the Product Lifecycle
  29. The Growth Hacker Funnel Defined by Dave McClure is => Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.
  30. Measure & Test response to twist and changed in you app. A/B split testing
  31. The 3 P’s of user acquisition
    1. 1 Push Advertising, Promo Swap, Affiliation => You coerce users to come to you
    2. 2 Pull Content Marketing  => You entice users to come to you
    3. 3 Product Referral program  => You use your product itself to bring them to you 3 ways to get users Defined by Neil Patel
  32. Push => Promo Swap Find companies to promote each other Swap newsletter, tweets, Facebook post, contest…
  33. Pull  =>  
    1. App Store Optimization - Content Optimize the first 3 lines, keywords, icon, screenshots, social proof
    2. Reviews - Track every day and ask your friends to contribute! 
    3. Velocity - Push natural downloads with paid downloads on a short period of times to get at the top of the App Store.
    4. Get featured Build a Great App “Make stuff that people want.”
    5.  Follow the Guidelines Design, Name of the app, Users Acquisition…
    6.  Utilize New Platform Features iCloud, Passbook…
    7.  Make it Universal iPhone, iPad, EN/FR/ES/DE/IT
    8.  Get in touch with Apple / Google
    9. Content Marketing Blog and podcast Ebooks, whitepapers and guides Infographics
    10. Social Media Key points
      • •  Social media is useful if you have time to produce great content related to your product.
      • •  Social media is a marathon.
      • •  Social media is customer service.
    11. Platforms •  Facebook, Twitter •  Slideshare, Quora, LinkedIn •  Reddit •  Hacker News •  Craiglist •  Meetup
    12. Press Relations -  Be  persistent, Get involved,Build relationships, Create Press Kit, Develop Story & Angles, 
    13. Research The right contact
      1. 1. Define what publications your target audience consumes
      2. 2. Focus on the journalists who write on your topic.
      3. The pattern to guess an email fiThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      4. Gmail plugin Rapportive 1. Start with a list of possible email addresses. 2. Paste those into a new Gmail message. 3. Rapportive will scour the web to pull up social media profiles for accounts linked to that email.
    14. Prepare Story angles & Press Kit
    15. Prepare Right message to right media
    16. Create Press Release dedicated to your target media: high tech, consumer, your niche market…
    17. Inside your Press Kit Press release,include icon, screenshots, promocode, links to your social media, video, press page.
    18. Old fashioned mail still works Send your press kit with cool goodies to the top journalists & influencers in your target audience.
  34. Build & Get Involved
    1. Do your PR - Spend some times to reach out and create relationships with top journalists.
    2. You are the expert: Share content about your company, competitors and market.
    3. Follow reporters on Twitter Engage journalists with relevant messages on Twitter.
    4. Be visible Write articles and speak at events as much as possible. Journalists are there to cover it, so it is a good opportunity to get noticed!
  35. Be persistent Use Gmail plugin Yesware Find out who opens your emails. Create the news Plan a PR push related to your product every quarter. If you don’t have any big news, create informative content for your audience (i.e. survey, statistics). Be current. Follow up when the journalist has the highest chance to be interested by your topic (i.e. before holidays for travel app).
  36. Product Referral program  
    1. Give away your product Credits, storage, discount, feature, bonus, sample… 
    2. Win/Win incentive User shares his user code and get credits when it’s used
    3. Promote your referral program
    4. Engage your audience and implement social APIs
    5. UBER Referral Program - is a classic case study of a successful referral program
  37. Product Network Invitations: use invitations via
    1.  Phone contacts
    2. Email contacts
    3. Social contacts
  38. Product Social Sharing - Give the power to spread the love easily - implement all social sharing APIs
  39. Product Incentivise - Give away your product Credits, storage, discount, feature, bonus, sample… 
  40. Product API Integration -  
    1. Don’t force your user to login - They are already connected. Why ask again?
    2. Get activity from social media - What my friends are doing on the app?
    3. Send activity to social media - What I’m doing on the app?
    4. Don’t forget to update! APIs evolve often
  41. Twitter Growth Hack
    1. 1.  RSS top 10 blogs
    2. 2.  Republish
    3. 3.  Follow back
    4. 4.  Auto favorite
  42. Cool tool for launch - 
  43. Facebook Events Hacks - participate, spread word, offer rewards and prizes
  44. Be curious,
    1. Read as much as possible,
    2. Growth Hacking is a big community with and a lot of tactics you will use tomorrow don’t exist today.
    3. Connect and exchange This is why you’re here.
    4. Test and try, even if it sounds dirty at first Bad buzz is still a buzz.
    5. Optimize all the way Never stop to analyze, optimize and test! 

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