Appsjunction Exclusive: 48 top tips & tricks of app promotion on small budget

App Promotion -  your favourite networking, #crowdfunding & freelancers platform, brings to you this useful collection of  48 top tips & tricks of app promotion on small budget for Lean Startups & SMEs guide. This presentation was first presented at 29th Jul Meetup by our App Guru Navin Arora @navinarora . Appsjunction is a networking platform which brings together iOS Developers, Android Developers, Win Phone developers to find each other and build apps for each other and startups. Soon to be launched a market place for buy & sell of App Code.


Text Advertisement: Checkout some really cool apps from to make you smile and help you find interesting & like minded people to meet. The more people you meet and more social you are, more opportunities will flow in your life and more happy & successful you will be in every matter of life.


Text Advertisement: Checkout some really cool apps from to make you smile and help you find interesting & like minded people to meet. The more people you meet and more social you are, more opportunities flow in your life and more happy & successful you are in every matter of life.


Don't we all know that without App Promotion an App is like a needle in a haystack. Perhaps even smaller & harder to find in the ocean of millions of app. Often an App Entrepreneur wonders how to make his/her app noticed and bring it in-front of the crowd. The thing is, as of 2014, there are roughly 2.5 – 3 Million Apps out there. Yours could be a great app but how many people know about it? Don’t have big budgets like big companies? You can still make a huge difference on low budget if you are not a lazy bum :) Read On…. 

Following is the List of not 5 not 10 not even 20 but 48 Awesome Top Tips on App Promotion on Low Budget (assuming £/$500 - £/$1000)

  1. Print few tshirts, mugs, pens - Keep it Funny & Quirky (roughly £/$100) from instantprint or vistaprint, your team should wear those t-shirts at meetups/demos, give mugs to bloggers/journalists types, give pens to beta testers if you can
  2. Leaflets, Stickers & Brochures - Carry leaflets about your app to events & festivals   (roughly £/$100) from instantprint or vistaprint
  3. Use QR code & Discount codes - Print QR code, Discount code On Promo material  
  4. Try Hacker Radios & Local newspapers - not expensive, sometimes free coverage 
  5. Carry Plenty of Business Cards - With discount codes and QR codes to download the App  (roughly £/$20)  from instantprint or vistaprint
  6. Grab every demo opportunity At Meetups , demo & pitch events, find early adopters  
  7. Local Pizza Shop & takeaways-  Pay & tempt them to put your leaflets with orders (free or £/$25)
  8. Paper mail to lots of right addresses - It works ;) depending on the audience of your apps  (£/$50)
  9. Charity & Community events - Offer your time, share news, offer in-App credits free  
  10. App launch site - Prepare a great looking mobile responsive launch site (DIY or £/$100)
  11. Online Blog on Launch Site - Share your story, talk in-depth about your market 
  12. ASO & Organic SEO – DIY, its easy - Appear in Google searches, DIY guides available  (DIY or basic SEO from £/$100)
  13. App Explainer Video – Must Keep it funny or impressive, try to make it viral (DIY or from £/$200)
  14. Press releases are must - Buy PR submission packages, No DIY, outsource bulk submissions (DIY or from £/$100)
  15. Social bookmark all Content - Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Tumblr and so on  
  16. Facebook page – best platform Invite all friends, run quizzes, share news, photos 
  17. Twitter – be heard and ask for feedback - Follow the right people, follow competition, retweets 
  18. LinkedIn – get influencer mentions - Impress them, ask to mention App in their stories  
  19. Pinterest, foursquare & others - Create account everywhere, share content, follow 
  20. Event Walls & Comments - If comments allowed, always spread the word 
  21. Tech or Industry Discussion forums - Participate in them, use signatures wisely, spread word  
  22. Google, facebook, Twitter Ads - Buy ad space, use it wisely, run multiple campaign text (£/$50 + free £/$75 credits offers with new website)
  23. Implement Tap 4 Tap SDKs -  Many popular platforms, free cross promotion of apps 
  24. Work on App Store Optimisation - Choose tags carefully, write killer description  (DIY or basic ASO from £/$100)
  25. Reward users for referrals -  Be hugely generous like Uber, reward heavily 
  26. Submit to App Blogs & review sites - Text & video should be compelling  (DIY or £/$100)
  27. Find individuals behind free apps you like - Barter ad space with them, record impressions  
  28. Start your own Meetup group-  Keep it contextual to app subject, offer in-App rewards 
  29. Offer unlogged in flow in App - Provide sneak peek to one time users, show cool stuff 
  30. Ask in-app quizzes, ratings & reviews - Offer in-App rewards for helpful users, nudge for review  
  31. Give reasons to share/brag Scores, Wins, Crowns – many ways to ego boost users 
  32. Unlock features if friends invited - Most commonly use trick of the trade, social invites 
  33. Push Messages to Notify Users of Bonuses - Keep users engaged, offer reward bonuses for sharing  (e.g. urban airship)
  34. Implement Mailshots - Announce new features, pull dormant users (pay as you go - cheap options sendgrid/mailchimp)
  35. Rich Push Notifications SDK Provide a richer experience (e.g. urban airship)
  36. Gamify your app Offer hidden treasures in App, implement seek friend’s help  
  37. Learn growth hacking - do it everyday Announce new features, pull back dormant users 
  38. Add more value to repeat users - Provide bigger discounts to loyal users e.g. credits for login 
  39. Email signatures & Voicemails - Just tell the word about the App you are proud of creating  
  40. Try to get VIP endorsement - Get him/her drunk, ask for favor, remind in morning :) (Free or £/$50)
  41. Take Part in App Contests Like Appsters Awards & Mobileys 
  42. Upgrade your App Regularly - Great way to bring it back to notice for everyone inc Appstore  
  43. Always react to –ve reviews - Its an art, always start with sorry, you wasted their time
  44. Try to answer Qs on App Related Forums - Hardwork, slow but more long lasting benefits than other tips  
  45. Reward your happy customers, not new ones - Find out who is happy, read +ve feedback, get in touch :) 
  46. Make a timely routine to do all above promotion - Don't be lazy, If you hangout with Bums, you will end up like a Bum :( 
  47. Dedicate 30 mins everyday on reading tips from App Marketing Gurus on Twitter
  48. Subscribe to RSS feed of top tips-sources like, stay updated on ASO, Social media marketing & trends


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