What is Appsjunction London Meetup?

Appsjunction London Meetup


Appsjunction.net -  your favourite networking, #crowdfunding & freelancers platform, brings to you this useful collection of growth hacking tools, websites & software. Appsjunction is a networking platform which brings together iOS Developers, Android Developers, Win Phone developers to find each other and build apps for each other and startups. Soon to be launched a market place for buy & sell of App Code.  Appsjunction meetup in London is A real world monthly event in London to connect App startups with Developers, Investors, UX & Mktg Gurus. 


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You may signup at http://appsjunction.net to connect with  iOS DevelopersAndroid DevelopersWin Phone developers local to you.

1. What is Appsjunction London Meetup - the basics

  1. Appsjunction.co.uk is London & Europe's fastest growing mobile apps & games monthly meetup focusing on matchmaking of entrepreneurs, start-ups, developers, UX experts, marketing gurus & angel investors. Founded by @navinarora in May 2011, follow us at @Appsjunction
  2. We have been sponsored by Intel, Microsoft, Nokia in the past and have been media & hackathon partners of reputed events like apps-world.net & londonmobileweek, App Promotion Summit, Design Awards.
  3. Nov 2015 stats: Total 3750 members & growing,  Member Segments: 60% Entrepreneurs, 30% tech/dev, 10% consist of Marketing, UX, Investors
  4. Attendance: 150-200 Members/event. 30-40% repeat audience, 60-70% new audience every time.
  5. Currently growing at rate of 70-120 new members every month.
  6. Supported by Appsjunction.net – crowdfunding, freelancers & networking platform for App Developers & clients across UK & Europe.

2. Usual event format

  1. Greetings, colour coded name labels and 1 hr pre-networking with Free Drinks & Snacks. There will be at least 4 coloured pens. So please use right colour pen to write your name on the name label if you are a 1) Startup/Entrepreneur 2) Tech/Developer, 3) UX & Video Experts 4) Marketing Gurus, Journalists & Investors. e.g. John, iOS developer
  2. 10-15 mins Sponsor's presentation slot, 5 mins App Demos with Q&A & sometimes voting for best pitch
  3. 30 sec shout-out/short-pitch slots which are free for everyone and no booking needed, just Queue up near the stage when the round is announced. Anyone can grab the mic for 30 secs and introduce themselves to the audience as well as announce what they are looking for. e.g. "I have an app idea which will solve this market gap/need and I am looking for iOS Developer/Technical Co-founder. Contact me at email or on mobile nnnnnn"
  4. Late networking with free drinks, knowledge sharing, team forming and contacts building.

3. The intention of the networking event is

  1. Entrepreneurs & Speakers share their amazing knowledge & ideas with audience
  2. Entrepreneurs meet developers, partners and investors
  3. Developers meet clients, Developers meet developers
  4. People with app ideas meet developers and app development agencies.

4. What does this mean for YOU?

  1. Excellent overview of the market, App stores, App Economy and what all the craze is about.
  2. Several developers & clients can be reached within on evening at one place.
  3. Business leads generation and scheduling of business meetings
  4. Discussions only with key partners, easy way to meet the right ones.
  5. Pleasant atmosphere for informal discussions and networking.

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Photos from our past events here at our official blog: http://AppsJunction.Org - Please do share with your colleagues and friends

Our Sponsors:

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