Guide: Things to do before you begin development/coding of your Startup or App Idea!

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  • There is a ton that can be done pre-development, off the top of my head:
  • User research. Talk to potential users. Ask to watch them do the thing you want to bring change to.
  • Draw user journeys of how people get things done now
  • Draw a user joinery of how they will get things done using your product
  • Business Model Canvas.
  • Market sizing, which will help better identify your market and users
  • Build personas based on your research
  • Write user stories to help guide what functionality is needed for your MVP and prioritize
  • Sketch and wireframe the UI.
  • Sketch user flows to show the workflow within your product
You will be able to use these to paper prototype your product for testing as well as to show engineers when it is time. You definitely need to make wireframes of your app idea to show a user journey inside the app. These can be hand made sketches, or made using Wireframing & prototyping tools like Balsamiq,, justinmind, Sketchy for iPad, Flinto, Moqups etc. Give every screen a Number and then refer to these numbers in your specifications document. This can help you raise some funds as well as serve as a visual guide about what is in your mind - for app developers.
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