Take-off your App Idea/Startup and launch like an expert - A powerful capsule course!

app idea


Appsjunction.net -  your favourite networking, #crowdfunding & freelancers platform, brings to you an opportunity to attend the following course "Take-off your App Idea/Startup and launch like an expert - A powerful capsule course!" which is anchored by a well known app expert and founder of Appsjunction Meetup London. Just drop us a mail if you are interested. Course is delivered 2-4 times a year depending on expert's availability.  This and more experts insights like this is often shared with audience at popular Appsjunction meetup in London.


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app idea

In a real world, you will need to first learn a lot about how to go about an app idea, how to form a startup, legal contracts, how to find team, costs and finance management, startup loans, co-sharing offices and A-Z of startup ecosystem before you could present a pipe dream as a solid venture on paper & in action. So a credible app development & launch expert has compiled this hard to find crash course to share the knowledge you need

Four powerful 30 min sessions delivered by PhoenixGMN's Chief Apps Consultant Navin Arora @navinarora :-

About the Instructor:

  1. Navin has worked with corporates like Argos, Barclays bank, Lloyds bank, Nectar for their Apps as consultant
  2. Navin is founder of London's Popular Apps Meetup http://Appsjunction.co.uk and is a known speaker on various app related subjects.
  3. Navin is founder & co-founder of various other Apps & Web Portals like http://startuphomes.net, http://appsjunction.net & http://checksocialreputation.com 
  4. Navin is an Equity based Mentor to 2 exciting startups. Learn why a mentor is crucial to startup success - http://startups.co.uk/why-a-mentor-is-crucial-to-start-up-success/  
  5. Navin is partner in a Reputed Apps Development Agency http://phoenixgmn.com  specialising in building apps for startups and offers various financial models to build and launch startup apps. http://phoenixgmn.com  also offers assistance to App startups with their specs, business plans, explainer videos, Press release submissions and App Promotion efforts. Check their complete portfolio here http://superhitapps.com
  6. Mr Navin normally charges between £100-£150 / hr for his consultancy when sought by mid to big size clients like eCommerce retailers and banks.
  7. Course fee is roughly £50 per participant and is delivered in London around 2-4 times a year.



  1. Arrive at 6:30 and warm up to the Startup Atmosphere by talking to each other for 15 mins till 6:45pm
  2. 6:45pm - 7:15pm - how to go about an app idea & validate it
  3. 10 mins discussion break
  4. 7:25pm - 7:55pm - how to make App specs for an App idea from audience
  5. 10 mins discussion break
  6. 8:05pm - 8:35pm - how to find devs & launch it
  7. 10 mins discussion break
  8. 8:45pm - 9:15pm - how to promote your app on low budget - top tips
  9. 9:15pm - 9:30pm discussion & drinks break
  10. Notes, Questions and Answers


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