A Precious List of TOP timesaver tools, websites, software for startups to reach success faster

Social Media Tools 

Appsjunction.net -  your favourite networking, #crowdfunding & freelancers platform, brings to you this useful collection of growth hacking tools, websites & software. Appsjunction is a networking platform which brings together iOS Developers, Android Developers, Win Phone developers to find each other and build apps for each other and startups. Soon to be launched a market place for buy & sell of App Code.

Top hard to find & precious tools, websites, software for Entrepreneurs to reach success faster -


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Wireframing Tools:

  1. https://popapp.in/  - a very popular tool to convert pen n paper sketches into a prototype - we use this
  2. https://www.ux-app.com/  - used by many designers
  3. http://power-story.com/  - powerpoint plugin - very handy and useful
  4. https://proto.io/  - one more highly recommended tool - monthly billing
  5. https://www.fluidui.com/  - costly but reputed one
  6. http://www.uxpin.com/  - pretty good one- paid one
  7. http://www.invisionapp.com/plans  - best one out there - 1 project is free, pay for 3 or more
  8. http://stencils.protoshare.com/  - advanced tool in terms of ux, worth the subscription
  9. https://cacoo.com/lang/en/  - powerful new one
  10. http://www.lumzy.com/  - cheap, only pay for what you use tool
  11. http://ninjamock.com/home/index  - cheap and really good -  we use this
  12. 24 free wireframimg and mockups tools blog


Project Or task management tools:

  1. trello - quite popular
  2. producteev - best out there, free, with iOS & Android apps, can be used as bug tracking tool with clients/team - we use this
  3. http://getsharex.com/ - one of the best desktop screenshot and recording tool  we use this
  4. https://slack.com/ - Chat and project/task management desktop and mobile apps - free to use
  5. http://codecondo.com/10-best-tools-to-take-screenshots/ 
  6. http://codecondo.com/top-10-task-tracking-tools/
  7. http://codecondo.com/5-project-management-tools-for-development-teams/  - we use https://www.meldium.com/
  8. https://www.cloudwards.net/best-screen-capture-software/-
    best screen capture software

Free Images:

  1. Free Stock Photos
  2. Pixabay - Free Images
  3. Gallery For Cartoon Handshake
  4. Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons
  5. Dollar Photo Club - high quality royalty free stock photos and vectors - Dollar Photo Club - we use this
  6. Beautiful pictures and wallpapers »reWalls.com


Launch Site Makers:

  1. Landing Pages: Build & Test in Minutes - Instapage
  2. How To Make Your Own Website - Best Website Builder | Strikingly
  3. Generator for Startup Framework: Create Landing Page - Designmodo
  4. Free Responsive Mobile Website Templates Designs - w3layouts.com - Best one - we use this


Crowd fund raising tools:


  1. http://codecondo.com/online-fundraising-tools/ - popular free or low commission crowd fund raising tools
  2. http://Appsjunction.net  - Leading App Projects Crowd funding website


Social Media Automation Tools:

  1. http://foramention.com/cp/social_transact.php
  2. https://commun.it/ - Twitter Community Management like a Pro - free to try for 14 days then paid
  3. http://www.99dollarsocial.com/ - Manual content creation and posting everyday on 3 channels for $99 pcm
  4. How to automate your Twitter feed: 5 apps to try
  5. Four social media managers for business compared
  6. https://ritetag.com/pricing/ very powerful for using trending tags in your post but no free account - for pros and companies - min $10pcm for 1fb & 1 tw id
  7. http://tweetingmachine.com/public/index 
  8. http://lifehacker.com/twibble-automatically-tweets-blog-posts-or-rss-feeds-on-1609669758 - RSS to Tweets scheduling - free to try then paid
  9. https://twitterfeed.com/ - Best Free auto RSS to tweet + linkedin etc tool - we use this
  10. http://cezarsa.github.com/silver_bird/ - best free chrome app for timeline mgmt (but not the best looking one and no auto tweets)
  11. http://www.unifiedsocial.com/awesm/ - serious ROI measurement tool (till customer acquisition) for pros
  12. http://corp.unfollowers.com/ - 10million + users, one of the cheapest and most popular - we use this
  13. http://janetter.net/desktop.html - best free Desktop tool and mobile Apps for managing multiple twitter accounts (we use this) - some of our peers prefer http://www.digsby.com/features.php (half dead but was king of this space once) and/or https://www.trillian.im - still doing fine.
  14. https://sociota.net/Home/Pricing - new comer and getting popular - up to 10 social profiles in free account and paid plans cheaper than Hootsuit.


 Social Media Content and Facebook Campaign Generators:

  1. http://heyo.com/- build facebook campaign pages from readymade templates in minutes and deploy, cultivate emailids and acquire customers 
  2. https://www.shuttlerock.com/ - Outsource content generation to an invisible army, supply only images, comments and UGC given on your website by visitors.
  3. http://sociopal.com/ - creates twitter, facebook account and a website in seconds - plus provides curated content to make daily posts


Marketing CRMs and inbound marketing automation tools for your website:

  1. 10 Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Business Owners blog
  2. http://www.loopfuse.com/ - inbound marketing automation tool - we use this
  3. https://uk.act-on.com/
  4. https://www.sugarcrm.com/uk  a leading CRM software - community edition is free

Designing & Design Feedback Collaboration Tools:

  1. Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software - we use this
  2. 50 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools For Designers
  3. https://redpen.io/ - hugely popular among designers to get live feedback on design images by clients


Cloud based personal storage :

  1. Dropbox or Google Drive - the article supports DB, but we use Gdrive and have 10+ reasons not mentioned there to support Gdrive
  2. https://www.fileapartment.com/ $3.99/month for unlimited storage, world class and business class
  3. Microsoft OneDrive (15gb free, $6.99 pcm for 1TB and Office365 free) is a great option but You will need 1TB space on your lappy as well.


Productivity Android Apps to save your time and do some magic:

  1. Mighty SMS - quite popular 6m+ users, its push bullet (rich desktop notifications from android phone) + desktop sms, call log, remote photo & video access and much more - we use this
  2. AirDroid - even more sophisticated and polished than MightySMS but free version only allows 100mb + lots of adverts - $1.99 pcm for paid version. 
  3. Read about two more here 


Online precision typesetting services:

  1. lucidpress


TOP SEO Tools & Plugins:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast - we use this
  2. iJoomla SEO for Joomla - we use this
  3. http://www.analyticsseo.com/basic-account - free - we use this - used by professionals in online marketing
  4. ranksonic- Free keyword generator


Audio/Video/Webinar/Podcast Tools:

  1. By using a program like Audacity (free download) you can now create a sound file that can be uploaded to SoundCloud or possibly made into a podcast.
  2. Google hangout on Air - for live streaming to YouTube.

last updated: 05/09/2015

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