How to find a smashing job with a fancy Startup in London! #TechCitySkills

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How to find a job with a Startup in London - Guest Article by 

Top Must Have Self Motivation Tools for Job Seekers:

  1. - we use this
  2. other motivation apps from 

 Top websites or social media platforms to find startup jobs in London & UK:

  1. Tech City London Jobs in Startups

Meetups & Events to try and meet employers & recruiters:

  4. Silicon Milkroundabout: the twice a year London tech jobs fair 


Some top Tips to get the job you want:

  1. Apply vigorously at all the relevant jobs posted at websites above. 
  2. Startups are all about innovation. Show your innovation streak & challenge loving mind in your CV.  Provide a bullet point summary of your career highlights so far in the top of first page of you CV after your introduction. A great CV is half battle won, it at least gets your foot in the door.
  3. Startups are usually looking for coders, CTO/Architect/Lead Tech/Product Management. There are typically fewer roles the further we move from coding roles. So know your territory beforehand.
  4. At meetups and job fairs, use name labels as skill badges and write your skill set/job role and that you are a job seeker on name label stickers and stick to your shirt/t-shirt
  5. Use vistaprint or any other service to get your business card type cards which should mention your name, contact no, linkedin profile, QRcode and most importantly the job title you are looking for and your primary & secondary skills. At meetups and job fairs, Pass on this card to whoever wants it. This helps a lot in employers and recruiters re-connecting with you after the event.
  6. About 55% of jobs are filled through Friend of A Friend referrals so At meetups and job fairs please do Talk to other attendees - they or you may know of an interesting opportunity, or a good fit for each other somewhere. Use your smartphone and look up the person you are talking to and add them on linkedin. 
  7. Take your linkedin profile seriously. It should be as good as a CV. Some important and well written linkedin advice here
  8. Some great advice here What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate 
  9. get some sane feedback about profile pictures. @PhotoFeeler

last updated: 28/08/2015

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